How I Met Vancouver Island P.2

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September 28, 2012 by Andrew

About a month after I broke my shoulder, I was exhausted and emotionally spent and was feeling a huge deficit in my life. I asked to leave my position with my company and they didn’t want me to make a decision under pressure and gave me time off out of the house. Wanting to make the most of my week off, on a whim and in the span of 24 hours I was on a plane to Mexico.

I welcomed the heat as I got of the plane and the lack of responsibility, something that had not been there for awhile. It felt strange for the first time in years and really years I had only one job and that was to take care of myself. I turned off my phone and disconnected from the world. I arrived at the hotel around 4 and got settled in for my short stay in Cancun. The view was unbelievable from my room and the food at my resort was great.

I really only had 2 full days ahead that were completely mine and I intended to make the most of them. I learned two lessons about myself and what my heart was craving over my short stay in Mexico.

The Heart Wants – Lesson One

The next day I got up for breakfast and went and grabbed a hammock on the beach. It was so sweet just to lie there and breathe the salt air. I can’t remember when it hit me but I was reminded of something that my heart craved shortly after the decision was made to move towards divorce. One of the few times in my life that I believed that I heard an audible call within my soul from my maker. The ocean you need to go to the ocean. You need to move to the ocean, and the ocean was so non nondescript it could be anywhere in the world. I had been ignoring that fact, trying to make things work in a place where it was not working anymore. It was one of the reasons why my soul was bankrupt.

As I lay on the hammock looking out to the great big sea, I knew that I had to make a move. I knew that I could no longer ignore the longing that was deep inside of me. A new home was calling. The saying Home is Where the Heart is was a fallacy in my life at that point because my heart had changed addresses and I was not even forwarding the mail.

The first lesson I learned in Cancun is that you need to truly follow your soul and for me I knew I had to find my ocean, my shore, my lighthouse and my home.

But there is so much more to this story.


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